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A Cordial Invitation to Northwest University Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars

(Third Term)




I. An Introduction to the Symposium

Northwest University Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (Third Term) will be held in Xi'an in September 25 to 29, 2018.(The exact time remains to be determined.) It is one of the sessions of Shaanxi Province Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (Third Term). This symposium is intended to provide a platform of in-depth communication for outstanding young scholars from home and abroad, help young scholars further understand the development of Northwest University and Shaanxi Province through such ways as academic reports, seminars as well as  high-level talent recruitment fairs so as to attract distinguished young scholars for their career start-up and innovation in Shaanxi.




II. Areas and Disciplines Involved in the Symposium

Environment and Earth science, Life and Medicine Science, Food Science and Technology, Electronic Information Technology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Mathematics and Physics, Cultural Heritage Protection, Economics and Management, and interdisciplinary areas between above-mentioned areas and other areas in Humanities and Social Science.







III. Eligibility and Qualifications

As an eligible applicant, you will need to demonstrate the following qualifications:

1. an earned PhD, a minimum of 2-year prior work experience, under 40 years of age (40 years of age included;

2. outstanding achievements in research as evidenced by an excellent record of publications and an internationally recognized scholarly profile in your discipline;

3. broad academic vision and innovative thinking and the potential of being a leader in the academic area involved;

4. a dedicated and conscientious research attitude and abidance by laws and ethics.









IV. How to Apply

To apply, you may visit the website of High Level Talent Project Office of Northwest University (http://rcb.nwu.edu.cn/), download and fill out the application form for Northwest University Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars, and send the application form together with your CV by Email to the conference team: rcb@nwu.edu.cn

Email subject should include: Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (Third Term)+your full name+work unit+your specialty of research

1.Applicants are required to include the following information in the Email ( name, gender, date of birth, Email address, country or region, work or study unit, etc);

2. The CV should cover information with respect to prior study and work experience, research focus and achievements ( a list of academic papers is required), etc;

3. Please wait for approval after lodging the application. The approved applicant will receive a formal invitation letter from NWU;

4.Deadline for application: September 10, 2018.



925      报到

926日上午  参加陕西省第三届丝绸之路青年学者主论坛

926日下午  参加西北大学第三届丝绸之路青年学者分论坛

927—28  参观校园环境及人才配套设施、参加分领域学术研讨会、学术考察、人才洽谈、参观实验室等

929      离会


V.Meeting schedule

Sept. 25: Check in

AM, Sept. 26: Attending the main session of Shaanxi Province Silk Road International

Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (Third Term)

PM, Sept. 26: Attending the parallel session of Northwest University Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (Third Term)

Sept. 27 to 28: Visiting the campus environment and supporting facilities for talents. Attending academic seminars in different academic areas,academic investigation and talent recruitment conference,visiting laboratories, etc

Sept. 29: Ending and departure

We will update the specific activity schedule and arrangement, please keep your attention.











联系人:申怡博   付增祺





VI. More Information

Northwest University will reimburse the eligible young scholars for the travel and transportation expense incurred for the symposium in China and overseas and arranges free accommodation and transport services to the airport and railway station.

Invited young scholars can prepare academic reports in advance according to the research focus and progress.

We sincerely invite outstanding young scholars at home and abroad to participate in the parallel session of Northwest University Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (Third Term).

For further information, please visit NWU website: http://www.nwu.edu.cn/


Contact us

Address: 229 Taibai North Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

Contact Office: High Level Talent Project Office of Northwest University

Contact person: Shen Yibo;  Fu Zengqi








Northwest University (NWU) can trace its origins back to Shaanxi Imperial College and Peking Imperial College in 1902. The University received its current name in 1912 and was designated as one of the national key universities in China. It is located in Xi’an, the middle of Guanzhong Plain. NWU has been selected as the first batch of national "world-class discipline construction universities" and one of the leading universities sponsored by the national “211 Project”. Currently, NWU is under the joint administration of the Ministry of Education and Shaanxi province.


In the course of its development, Northwest University has formed an educational philosophy of "carry forward the national spirit, integrate the world thought, shoulder the task of the construction of the northwest region", brought together many prestigious scholars and specialists, produced a myriad of high level academic achievements, cultivated a large number of outstanding talents, and enjoys a good academic reputation and social reputation, known as the "mother of the Chinese oil talents" ,”the cradle of economists " and " the cradle of writers ".


NWU has been authorized to confer doctoral degrees in 24 first-tier disciplines, master’s degrees in 37 first-tier disciplines, and professional programs in 14 categories. NWU has developed 1 first-tier national key discipline (covering 5 second-tier disciplines), 4 second-tier national key disciplines, 1 national key discipline under cultivation and 22 post-doctoral programs. Moreover, NWU houses 1 national key laboratory, 1 national research center for engineering and technology, 3 national bases for international scientific and technological cooperation, 2 Base for University Discipline Innovation and Foreign Experts Introduction Project (111 Project), 1 national demonstration base for innovative talent cultivation, 3 national and local joint engineering research centers, 1 provincial and ministerial joint cultivation base for national key laboratory, 7 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 national virtual simulation experiment teaching center, 7 national bases for talent cultivation with a national base for the cultural quality education of college students, 39 provincial (ministerial) research centers for engineering and technology, and 17 provincial (ministerial) research centers for the humanities and social sciences.


During the period of the 13th Five-Year Plan for the national economic and social development, NWU will further introduce high-level talents, and improve the working conditions of high-level talents. At the same time, NWU will also increase the matching funds and incentives so as to attract and bring in more international academic leaders.


We will strive constantly and wholeheartedly to give talents a sense of belonging, a sense of identity, a sense of honor and happiness so as to ensure that the talents can work with dignity and live with decency.




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